Кухонное оборудование

We design industrial kitchens using the latest intelligent equipment from leading European manufacturers-Electrolux Professional, Rational.

The professional kitchen project is a responsible business that requires professional skills and experience, especially the hotel kitchen.  Ecober specialists will create a kitchen design for you that meets the world standards of sanitary norms and rules. They will make an ergonomic arrangement in the food block. Moreover, they will help you choose the best, starting from accessories and other kitchen products, and ending with high-tech stoves, steam heaters, refrigeration units, industrial kitchen hoods.

As a provider of comprehensive services for hotels, cafes and restaurants, we offer:

·       Consultations to determine the project and needs according to the budget and customer’s expectations;

·       Concept development services;

·       Design, engineering and planning services;

·       Delivery and installation of kitchen equipment;

·       Site visits and management;

·       Installation and Testing;

·       After-sales service and maintenance.


·       Kitchen Equipment;

·       Bar Equipment;

·       Refrigeration equipment;

·       Conference and Banquet equipment;

·       Bakery equipment;

·       Kitchen equipment and pizza ovens;

·       Kitchen hoods;

·       Dinnerware;

·       Kitchen Accessories;

·       Equipment for Laundries and dry Cleaners;

·       Equipment for Hotel Services;

·       Bed linen and towels;

·       Uniform;

·       Porcelain;

·       Glass products;

·       Cutlery;

·       Kitchen Utensils;

·       Bar Accessories;

·       Storage and Transportation equipment.·       Kitchen accessories